join us as we;
* live these lives we have been given
* learn how family looks to our Lord
* deny self
* get to the 'doing' of the hearing (James)
*work on learning not 'my' way or 'your' way, but HIS way {John 14:6}
* hebrews 10:24 it
*realize our depravity and need for the Savior

*submit to one another out of reverence to Christ

Monday, July 27, 2015


This past year..
 June 2014: Luann started back with Comfort Keepers
 June 20:  Celebrated our 5 yr anniversary!
 August: Jer completed 4th yr of employment with Sodexo on the University campus
Luann continued to stand4life [see FB page] at our local place of child sacrifice and proclaimed Christ in the open air around town..incurring much persecution & loss of relationships
 Jan 10, 2015 : desire given our hearts.. {Psalm 37:4} 
Jan 15: Jer diagnosed with Graves Disease
 Feb 28: PREGNANT! 
 March 27: Proposed to Grandma that we move in with her and care for her. She said yes! [desire from January]
April 30: Luann's Uncle died
 May 19: house packed, listed for sale and on the road to Cali to grandmas...

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