join us as we;
* live these lives we have been given
* learn how family looks to our Lord
* deny self
* get to the 'doing' of the hearing (James)
*work on learning not 'my' way or 'your' way, but HIS way {John 14:6}
* hebrews 10:24 it
*realize our depravity and need for the Savior

*submit to one another out of reverence to Christ

Friday, November 13, 2015

what i am learning..

As I've been caring for grandma, fielding questions regarding pregnancy and doing the work of abolitionism I've come to see how often we determine, define, think in terms of “quality of life”.

I fail to see “quality of life” in scripture. I submit that this is of the world and it's denial of Christ ways.

I challenge you to watch how in any given day you define “quality of life” for yourself or others [grandma pooping herself, down syndrome, paralysis. being unmarried. babe in womb must be “healthy” etc] .. how you see someone in a particular condition and think that sucks/I'd hate that/that's no way to live.. or you yourself feel you could never live like/with ______.

[think about what we are saying when we do this. that the One who created them fell short/made a mistake etc -critiquing Him! scolding Him! demeaning Him. Scorning Him.]

Can we still serve Christ with ______? If He is sustaining our life here on earth, then we have our answer.

Let us have His mind and submit to His Word and what He has to say about life [John 10:10, John14:6, Matt 6:25-34]. That our worth is found solely in Him as it is HIS image we bear. Circumstances or experiences do not change this.

We are so quick to call our preferences “health” and our fears a sin/negative..
Who or what determines health and is that to be our focus?

“... stop thinking people "should" be a certain way and we start noticing that they are exactly and perfectly how they were meant to be, in that moment of time. People aren't created to be as I think they should be, rather they are created as the Lord ordained and the less I think about how others should be, the more I can think about what I need to better in myself.”

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